What is Lipidsana?

Lipidsana Finest Shake is a unique and internationally patented combination of high doses of
healthy Omega-3 and MCT fatty acids activating Dual Lipid Oxidation (DLO).

It is a completely natural, delicious and easy to use shake and meal replacement which comes in powder form.

The two flavors available are strawberry and vanilla.

The product is packaged in stylish up market tins each containing 15 sachets.

The initial dosage is 2 Lipidsana shakes per day for the first 15 days.
After this period the regular consumption of 1 shake per day is sufficient
to maintain the improved health benefits achieved.

It can be made either as a shake using low fat milk, lactose free milk or water
or by adding the powder to plain yogurt. See Preparing and mixing.

To activate all the health benefits in the body, use Lipidsana Finest Shake
as a snack or meal replacement or use as a meal replacement
in the case of combating obesity and weight management.

Find a list of the product's benefits in the Benefits section

Please be aware that Lipidsana Finest Shake is most effective in creating a healthy lifestyle
if combined with a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity