Things to Remember

Replace a meal or snack with one shake

Don’t add a Lipidsana shake over and above your daily kilojoules / caloric intake.

Don't panic if you gain weight on your scale
during the first weeks after starting with Lipidsana.
Lipidsana breaks down fat mass and increases muscle mass.

Keep in mind that muscle mass is 12% heavier than fat mass!

More muscle mass results in a faster metabolism!

Men and women may have varying results due to the difference in their basal metabolic rates

Note that your liver and body go through a detoxing process
during the first days of using Lipidsana.

Drink a glass of water a few minutes prior to drinking the shake
to ensure that your stomach is not completely empty as the high dose of MCT
and the detoxification process could cause cramping and nausea.

Lipidsana needs to be used for a minimum period of 3 months
in order to enjoy the full benefits of the product!

Please be aware that Lipidsana Finest Shake is intended to enhance a healthy lifestyle,
not replace healthy eating and physical activity